Wonderful accommodation by the sea in Visby – the best location for everything!

House Rules

For the comfort of everyone, we kindly request that you respect the general quiet hours from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM. At all other times of the day, mutual respect with your neighbors is expected. Any reported disturbances will incur a minimum charge of 2,500 SEK, regardless of the time of day.

Noise, nuisance, or damage may lead to immediate eviction. Please also adhere to the rules regarding smoking and pets.

• Maintain the facility clean and tidy. It is the guest’s responsibility to keep the area around the cottage or campsite clean.
• Keep the trash indoors. Birds may tear open the bags and scatter litter around the area.
• All trash should be sorted and disposed of at the environmental station located in front of the reception.
• The facility is not responsible for guests’ belongings. We recommend that you always keep an eye on your belongings.
• Grilling is part of summer. There are designated grill areas on the premises. Using your own grill on tall legs is allowed.
• If anything is damaged on the property, the cost will be the responsibility of the person who caused the damage.